The Book: Man of Vision

Man of Vision - BookCoverRarely is anything accomplished for the Kingdom of God without a very real spiritual battle proportionate to the magnitude of the work being done. God honored the faith of Bob and Lorraine Pierce by enabling them to give birth to two ministries – World Vision and Samaritan’s Purse – that have reached around the world and literally transformed the lives of millions in the name of Jesus. Consequently the personal warfare they faced was unusually intense and vicious. To talk about the thrilling, positive things God did in their lives without showing the satanic attacks and wilderness experiences they went through would present a distorted picture of how God works. For nothing of any real value or lasting significance comes without a price.

More than a biographical account, this story is about the reality of spiritual warfare and the high price of ministry. Not one area of human experience is untouched – from the highest peaks of joy and accomplishment to the deepest pits of despair and defeat. Filled with adventure, drama, and romance, most of all it is a story of miracles – amazing miracles that remind us that we serve the God of the impossible. Reading this book will embolden you to step out on your own journey of faith with renewed hope and confidence.

What people are saying about Man of Vision

“We loved the courage that Marilee shows in inviting us into her family. She paints an honest and courageous portrait of what it means to live out your faith, in all its grittiness. The history of World Vision’s origins, like all true stories, is rich in a mixture of the faithfulness and fallibility of the people at the centre of great events. We value those who, like Marilee, keep the truth vivid and alive, encouraging us to recognize that the heroes of our past were people like us, touched with greatness, inspired by visions of what could be, yet often under-estimating the impact of their passions on those closest to them.

Marilee continues to serve us by reminding us of the impact of Bob Pierce’s powerful vision – on the world’s poorest children, on his own life, and on the family who paid such a price as they supported his ministry. This new edition of Man of Vision provides us with an updated text of the story at a significant time in World Vision’s history, its 60th anniversary, and we recommend it highly.”           

Kevin Jenkins, President – World Vision International  


“This book is a combination of an enjoyable novel and a believable biography—like an excerpt from a Bible character’s life.  But above all, it’s a testimony.  And, like every testimony that glorifies Jesus Christ, there is an overcoming power in it…”  

Jack W. Hayford, President – International Church of the Foursquare Gospel


“Thank you for writing Man of Vision.  I was blessed to read how the Lord used your parents to build His Kingdom around the world.  Your father’s heart for missions inspired a whole generation and gave birth to many ministries.  When I came to Mustard Seed Int., I was surprised to discover that Bob Pierce is listed as the co-founder with Lillian Dickson, serving as our first US president!  His life reminds me of a quote by A. W. Tozer:  “God is looking for men and women through whom to do the impossible.”  By God’s grace, Dr. Pierce was certainly one of those men.”

William Deans, President –  Mustard Seed International

“We are used to frank biographies, especially of film stars and entertainers, but this book sets a new record for the evangelical world..  The daughter who chronicles this heartbreaking story clearly loves— her father.  It is a great literary coup.” 

Russell T. Hitt, author of Jungle Pilot


“The power of this book rests in the authentic voice, humble spirit and spiritually deepened life of its storyteller. Marilee Pierce Dunker experienced firsthand the fierce spiritual attacks on her family; she understands deeply the power of prayer and unflinchingly writes with raw honesty and confident grace about her parents’ faith.  The world knows Bob Pierce; but in this story, we are made to realize that World Vision is the result not only of Dr. Pierce’s tireless travels, but of his wife’s unceasing prayers.”

Theary Seng , author of Daughter of the Killing Fields

“As a pastor’s wife and mentor of young people who are going into ministry I will encourage them to read this book and understand the less glamorous side of ministry. While many of us aspire to do great things for the Kingdom we need to be reminded that there is always a cost involved.”    

S. Reynolds, Burlington, ON, Canada

“Marilee’s heartbreakingly beautiful, honest account of the ministry and marriage of her parents is a definite must for Christians at all stages of pilgrimage.”

 Dale Evans Rogers

“Man of Vision” Powerful-Enlightening-Sad. And joyful!  It touched my heart…and left me with a new spiritual understanding. …Your honesty gives us hope in our days of doubt, and thankfulness for HIS love and plan for our life.”

 P. Olson, North Dakota